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Phone Systems

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Phone SystemsLow Voltage Guys will install and configure state-of-the-art innovations phone systems to make your business communications more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable.

Phone Small business phone systems are designed to handle from 4 incoming lines and 8 extensions to 8 incoming lines and 24 internal extensions. For bigger implementations we will built and install VOIP system with full customization and database back end. Please contact us for more info.

The system has a built-in Automated Attendant which can answer incoming calls, play a greeting, and allow callers to dial extensions and departments directly without operator assistance or additional equipment.

Phone system can recognize fax transmission and send it to the fax machine, which will save your monthly phone bills (no extra line for fax).

System can be also connected to the intercom station so you can talk from your desk and hit a button to open the door - this will save your time and rise the security in your home / office.

System can call your cellphone right after someone will leave  you a voice mail.

Wireless headsets are also available.  Extened Phone

The system offers you high performance, flexibility, and the ability to custom design a system that will meet your company’s specific telecommunication requirements. Each user has the capability to personalize their telephone to meet their individual needs.

Advanced features and intuitive soft keys provide users one-button access to extensions, lines, and select system features .

Enhanced models also offer a backlit display and illuminated dial pad. Rounding out the line, NEC offers an Integrated Cordless Telephone which provides mobility and flexibility for those who spend much of the workday away from their desk.

All models feature the same thin, floating design, have a built-in speakerphone, two-position angle adjustment for effortless viewing of the large LCD display, and built-in wall mounting.


Even more:


Large backlit display and illuminated dial pad for easy viewing in low light areas.

Interactive soft keys:

Soft keys change function as you use your phone, allowing you access to advanced features by just pressing a key.

Feature Keys:

Phone System

User programmable for one-button access to co-workers, features, and outside lines. Dual-c o l o r ( red/ green) LEDs make it easy to distinguish between your calls and those of co-workers.

Desk Stand:

Adjustable two-position desk stand.

Headset Jack:

Using a headset is convenient and easy, just plug in your commercial-grade headset.

 Wireless headset


Built-in for hands- free operation.

Message Waiting indicator:

High visibility message/ring indicator can easily be seen from anywhere in the room.

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